3 Must-Know Facts About a Partner Visa

An Australian citizen, an eligible New Zealand citizen, or a permanent Australian resident can apply for a partner visa to enable their spouse or partner to settle in the country. Navigating through the visa application process can be a tedious and time-consuming affair, and can require an immigration lawyer's services. A lawyer prepares and lodges all the necessary documents to increase the chances of a partner visa application being accepted. Also, immigration lawyers have expertise in Australian immigration law and can secure a partner visa as soon as possible. Here are vital things to know about a partner visa and why you need an immigration lawyer.


To be eligible for a partner visa, you must be married or in a de factor relationship with either an Australian citizen, an eligible New Zealand citizen, or an Australian permanent resident. A de facto relationship refers to a union where partners are not legally married. They can be either in a same-sex relationship or a different-sex relationship. Also, the relationship must be active and genuine at the time of visa application. Moreover, you must be living together, or separately on a short-term basis.

Types of Partner Visa 

A Partner visa can either be permanent or temporary. If your application is accepted, you are granted a temporary partner visa (Subclass 820-onshore and Subclass 309-offshore). A temporary visa enables an applicant to stay in Australia while the application for a permanent visa is being considered. Remember that you must pay for both a permanent and a temporary visa at the same time. An applicant might be granted a permanent partner visa (subclass 801 or 100) if you meet the legal criteria. Also, you must present substantial evidence regarding your relationship. Remember that if you are in an active and genuine relationship for at least two years after applying for a partner visa, you may be granted a permanent visa.

Documents Required 

You need to attach certain documents during a partner visa application process. Consult an immigration lawyer to know all the required partner visa application documents. You need to show proof of identities, such as birth certificates, current passports, recent passport photos, national ID cards, identification pages of family books, court-issued documents, or a family census register. Copies of documents about your relationship to be included are marriage/civil union certificate, proof of de facto relationship (children's birth certificates, joint bank accounts, and utility accounts). Other vital documents are character documents (police certificates and personal particulars form). Most importantly, you must provide proof that the relationship is genuine and continuing (proof of joint travel, terms of wills, emails to each other, and mortgage or lease documents).

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